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Equinox Rising (Daniel) is a music producer from Antwerp, Belgium. Having been passionate about creating melodic instrumental tracks for years, Daniel started working with different vocalists in 2020 to complete and release new songs. "Over" and "Waiting here for you" are the first 2 results of these collaborations, with plenty more in development. The sound of Equinox Rising is mainly influenced by (electro) pop, dance, and EDM music.

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Latest Reviews

Critical Acclaim



(on Reverbnation)

"nice modern 'hit' oriented music ! Everything is great ,instruments ,voices ,sounds and above all a great songwritter and composer , this is obvious ."


Marc Morlock

(on Reverbnation)

"Very sweet , lovely sound ! Love "Over"."


Crowd review summary (105 people) on Reverbnation

Song: "Into the Night" (upcoming release)

"Based on the results of this study, this song is very well liked, and is likely ready for promotion to a wider audience."

Selected Reviewers Comment

Score: 10

"I really like this song and think this artist has a lot of potential. The way this song moves is really astounding and the instrumentation also provides a totally new outlook on the song and allows it to flourish at the highest level possible. I will definitely check this artist out and would love to hear more great music like this. Amazing work"


"This is a gem. It appeals to the EDM worshippers and the pop fans alike. The vocalist has a very classic 80s Rockstar appeal that will never fade. I enjoyed it a lot."

Score: 9

"This song gets me amped up, I love the beat, it really makes me want to go to a festival and dance like crazy as soon as possible."

Score: 10

"Yeah, it's a good one. There's a fair amount of variety. I love the song's energy. The vocal performance is strong. You crafted a good one. Well done."

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